Of Startups and Disneyland

My favourite scene in the 1993 blockbuster motion picture Jurassic Park involves John Hammond, still in utter denial that all has gone wrong, pacing around in the bunker and mutters: “This is just a delay.  That’s all it is.  All major theme parks have delays.  When they opened Disneyland in 1956, nothing worked!”  To which Ian Malcolm rebuts, “Yeah, but John, if the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourist!” [Notwithstanding that Disneyland actually opened in 1955.]

181108 TMax2300 002

While the idea of some sort of photographic collaboration had been floating in random conversations between my buddy Adam and I for quite some time, he and I forged the concept of 80 Proof Photos over rounds of whisky, appropriately, at a beercade in north downtown Chicago over two years ago.  And yet, it has taken that long to actually establish something tangible.  Right . . . .

181102 Ektachrome100 010

But here we are.  The purpose of 80 Proof Photos is simply this:

To promote the Art and Discipline of Photography by creation, curation, and exhibition of photographic work.

The artists of 80 Proof Photos come from diverse backgrounds, diverse mindsets, but with the common desire to lend our eyes for others to see.  And so, unceremoniously on a Monday evening, I hereby declare 80 Proof Photos ESTABLISHED.  Hopefully no one gets eaten.  This is a mere beachhead, but it’s a start!

Author: Khoa A. Dao

Renaissance man with the temperament of a beagle; easily bored, needing to be active and explore, prone to picking fights with the Red Baron.

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